Starlab Education

Starlab Education provides inspiring astronomy and earth science presentations throughout Queensland.

Fully trained presenters visit your school or venue with a ‘Cosmodome Science Theatre & Planetarium’ or a ‘Starlab Planetarium’ to provide educational programs tailored to suit your level of interest and understanding. By removing the costs of time and transport of excursions Starlab Education delivers a quality educational experience at an affordable price.

Starlab Education operates throughout Queensland including metropolitan, regional and remote areas to provide all students with the opportunity to utilize this valuable educational resource.

Starlab Education is available for day or night presentations. A 'Night Activity' visit includes the Cosmodome Science Theatre & Planetarium or Starlab Planetarium followed by telescope viewing of the moon, planets, stars and galaxies accompanied by an outdoor laser guided tour of the sky.

Starlab Education is available for schools, incentives and rewards, community development, general entertainment, promotions, fundraisers, vacation care and camps.

Starlab Planetarium and Cosmodome Science Presentations

Starlab Education School Science Presentations

Starlab Education provides an exhilarating learning experience with curriculum-based presentations designed to meet requirements of the Australian National Curriculum and Queensland Studies Authority.

Suggested topics from Primary Connections and Essential Learning curriculums are also available along with general astronomy topics. Program sessions are scheduled to ensure minimal disruption to your normal daily timetable and tailored to suit the level of understanding of the students. Please refer to Quick Links column for more detail on curriculum topics.

Some suggested topics presented include:

  • Starlab science educationPhases of the moon
  • Starlab science educationSolar & lunar eclipse
  • Starlab science educationThe moon and tides
  • Starlab science educationSpinning in space
  • Starlab science educationShadows, Day and night
  • Starlab science educationThe reason for seasons
  • Starlab science educationLiving on Earth & in space
  • Starlab science educationOur Earth’s history
  • Starlab science educationEarth’s place in the Solar System
  • Starlab science educationOur solar system
  • Starlab science educationThe planets & their orbits
  • Starlab science educationSizes & distances in space
  • Starlab science educationStars & constellations
  • Starlab science educationOur changing climate
  • Starlab science educationSigns of the zodiac
  • Starlab science educationFormation of galaxies & stars
  • Starlab science educationBig Bang Theory
  • Starlab science educationBlack Holes
  • Starlab science educationOrigins of life
  • Starlab science educationDarwin’s theory of Natural Selection
  • Starlab science educationSouthern Cross as a compass
  • Starlab science educationGravity
  • and much more…..

Starlab Destinations

Starlab Education operates throughout Queensland. Presenters make regular visits to all the main regions in South East Queensland from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and north along the Central Coast to Rockhampton. Starlab presenters regularly visit Toowoomba, the Downs, Warwick and Logan districts. Starlab Education can also visit Central, Western and North Queensland.

Starlab Education

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